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Profile of the College
The college is named after the
Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry , the first native bishop of Changanacherry and the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
About Us

Our College is situated in Amalagiri which is 10 kms away from Kottayam, about half a kilometer north of Caritas – Medical College Road, on the Medical College – Mahatma Gandhi University road and about 1 km west of M.C. Road. The foundation stone of the college was laid down by His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Mathew Kavukatt on 14th January 1965 on the 92nd birth anniversary of Bishop Kurialacherry.

The college started functioning on 5th July 1965 under the able guidance of Sr. Mary Xavier as the first principal. The management is actively involved in planning and implementing innovative programmes for the development of the students and the society. It has always held the lamp of learning high with its motto “Accendere Lumen-to kindle the light� and has removed the darkness of ignorance from the minds of those who enter the portals of our institution.

The college is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi university and was upgraded in 1980. The college was accredited by N.A.A.C. in 1999-2000 at the three star level. In 2007 the college successfully underwent the process of re- accreditation and was awarded the B++ grade and in 2012 the college was accredited at the A grade level. Currently, the college stands accredited at A+ grade and has attained 80 th rank in the 2020 NIRF ranking. The N.A.A.C. report has specially complimented the college for its commendable efforts in the field of women’s education. We welcome students belonging to all walks of life, irrespective of class, caste and creed.

Our Emblem
The heart shaped emblem stands for the spirit of
unity. The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, the
divine source of wisdom.

The surging line at the top stands for the crests and troughs, the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures that characterize life. The half moon is the symbol of the Immaculate Conception. This place is dedicated to Virgin Mary and emulating her, let us all be pure in our thoughts, words and deeds, The book stands for knowledge and the inscription Alpha and Omega signifies God, the beginning and the end. It also reminds us of the Holy Bible, the Word of the Lord, which lights our way. The coconut tree, the kalpavriksha, has a message for us. Every part of it is useful to man. Similarly, we can make ourselves available to others. The tree reminds us of Christ's words nBe in the world, but not of the world. The ribbon represents the women we serve. The words Accendere Lumen means "kindle the light" The lamps lit in our hearts must kindle light in other hearts, and thus dispel the darkness of ignorance from the face of the earth.

Vision of Bishop Kurialacherry
Our Heavenly Patron's Vision of Education

Bishop Mar Thomas Kurialacherry, the first Bishop of Changanacherry diocese was the founder of the SABS congregation. He had a unique vision for effecting fruitful changes in the society and the world at large.


"To renew everything in Christ"

was his motto. At the time when he walked the earth he identified that a social revolution could be brought about only by enlightening the masses through education. It was his ardent wish that each child be given the chance for material and spiritual learning. (He exhorted