Admission 2022

Code oF Coduct

B.K. College functions effectively by the joint, enthusiastic and zealous collaboration of all the stakeholders namely the Management, The Principal, The Teaching and Non teaching Staff, the Students and the Parents who form the core of the Institution.

The Top Management which consists of the Manager, The Principal and the Managing Board meet regularly and interact with the teachers and formulate policies for institutional excellence. The Principal takes care of the administrative and academic affairs of the College in consultation with the Management and communicates the responses to the directives from the other stakeholders to the Managing board and ensures that the various transactions take place in the best interest of the institution. The Principal has a Staff Council and a Planning Board to support her in official matters. The Vice-Principal also shares in the administrative burden. The teaching and the non-teaching staff are guided by the norms laid down by the Management which ensures a fair and equitable discharge of duty entrusted to each individual. The Parents have their guidelines to follow and specific roles to play. The students have to stick to their Codes of Conduct and Discipline.