Department of

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in 1965, with pre-degree science batches. The department was upgraded in 1993 by introducing B. Sc.

Chemistry (Main) and M.Sc. Chemistry (self-financing) in 2003. We offer complementary course in Biochemistry (2000 onwards) and in Chemistry (2005 onwards). The Department of Chemistry is committed to fostering a respectful workplace culture. We strive to cultivate a safe, inclusive and fair environment to thrive in the new chemical frontiers through research, innovation and collaboration.

The main focus of the department’s undergraduate programme is to instill the necessary spark and provide the scientific impetus for students to pursue a career in Chemistry. With the motto “Search the Truth and Reach the Truth” we are dedicated to developing the next generation of scholars in Chemical Sciences. The post-graduate programme offers theory and practical courses with an emphasis to inculcate research orientation in students. A team of extremely capable teachers and staff members keep the department running in full throttle.


“Search the Truth and Reach the Truth”

  • To offer quality teaching learning niche.
  • To focus on the wholistic development of the learners.
  • To familiarize students on the cutting- edge developments in Chemical Sciences.


The Department of Chemistry is committed to imparting quality education to our students. Through the years the department has contributed to the development of the college by achieving excellent results in the university examinations. Our alumni are our strength, their achievements are our motivation to strive for excellence in the coming years. We focus on attaining the status of a research department in future. Our vision is to serve as a hub disseminating knowledge in chemical science, which could be translated into practice benefitting society. In our journey to transform this vision into a reality we commit ourselves to offer opportunities for the young women to flourish in the field of Chemistry. I extend a note of welcome to you to be a part of this enlivening expedition.

Recent Development
  • P.G and U.G. laboratories are well equipped to offer quality practical sessions.
  • Upgraded departmental library with reference books to support the students with their seminar preparation and project work.
  • Recently introduced training programmes in complementing Chemistry learning- Soap and Sanitizer making.
  • Certificate course in Diagnostic Biochemistry.
  • In-house question bank for PSC Examinations.YouTube channel (Alchemists of BKC) offering simple  explanation of Chemistry in daily life.