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The Research and Post Graduate Department of Economics of B.K College, Amalagiri stands unique different ways, always with its cheerfulness and glory .B A Economics programme began in the 1980 and MA Economics in 1995. The department also offers coursework in PhD in Economics. Its history and vision twin those of the college. We are reputed to be among the best departments in the University mainly because our areas of interest span the range from high theory to heterodox applications. In particular, we are among the very few departments who have expertise to teach papers as diverse as advanced microeconomics, game theory and econometrics on the one hand, - and politics  and history on the other.                                               

The Economics Department aims to prepare students with the economic framework and analytical skills required to think .Upon completing the course, students will demonstrate a solid understanding of how incentives shape human behavior in the core fields of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Students will also learn advanced statistical techniques to solve real-world problems and be fully prepared for both advanced study and challenging careers.

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