Admission 2022


Department Motto: “Each for All and All for Each.”

The Department of English which started functioning in 1965 marches on with purposeful strides. The Department is  committed to doing its best to help the students face life with dignity and confidence.

The Department offers courses in the UG (Aided) and PG (SF) stream. The BA English Literature programme started in 2014. The Part I English papers for all the Degree batches offer scope to get to know all the students who get enrolled in the College. The wide reach is an encouraging proposition.

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  • To equip the graduates with sufficient competency in the four skills- L,S,R,W.
  • To encourage the students to appreciate the literary treasures and the rich variety of genres that constitute their chosen discipline.
  • To heighten the critical sense of our students.
  • To mould the students in such a manner that they learn to hone and discover their latent creative selves and bloom into their best possible versions.




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Recent Development
  • Introduction of a new certificate course- “Pandemic but no Panic”
  • Introduction of a new certificate course- “Pandemic but no Panic”
  • Department has an Instagram page. All the programmes of our Department are uploaded in the insta page.
  • English Fam Gathering which offers opportunities to show case students’ talents.